About me: I (Bimal Ramdoyal) was born in Mauritius, a small tropical island off the east coast of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. In 2007, I immigrated to Toronto, where I studied computer science at the University of Toronto. Shortly thereafter, I started working as a freelance web developer, and today I am a full-time software developer in a Canadian gold mining company. On the side, I am a hobbyist photographer, from which I am developing my business. In 2009 I bought my first camera (a beautiful Sony DSC H10) and that's where my passion for photography began.

As the years clicked by, I travelled throughout Canada to photograph the wonderful landscapes such as Toronto’s urban sprawl, the dense deciduous forests of northern Ontario, and Nunavut’s wild, windswept tundra. My favorite type of photography is astrophotography and landscapes at night under the ethereal lights of the Milky Way. I also like to photograph landscapes during the daytime, but learning to overcome the challenges of night photography was my main motivation for improving my craft. Recently, I ventured into travel photography, and so far have been to Mexico, Iceland, France and Mauritius. Having amassed a significant collection of images, in 2014 I gathered them all up and built this website.

In late 2013, I branched out into film photography and bought my first 35mm film camera (a Canon E-LAN 7). As I began to explore the possibilities of film, I eventually bought a medium format film camera (a gorgeous Pentax 67—now my favourite camera) and thanks to the latest technologies in film scanners, I was able to scan my film shots at a high resolution that is suitable for large prints.

I also have an extensive knowledge of electronics, which I drew upon to build small projects to facilitate and enhance my photography. Thus, my images are unique in that they are not just about my camera or my knowledge of photography. They are also a reflection of a myriad of skills—such as electronics—that have helped me build equipment, set up images and design this website.

Thank you for your interest in my work. I hope you enjoy the show! Bimal Ramdoyal 2014

About this site - ManualMode.ca
Bimal hand coded this website all by himself and used some third party tools. The image sliders used on ManualMode.ca is powered by OWL Slider, a free jquery script.

How to contact me
Best way to contact me is via email: photo@manualmode.ca or the Contact me form or feel free to ask me anything about my images or my blog.
You can also reach me on my facebook fan page.

Photo credit: Brian Lee

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