29 June 2015

I was on a trip to Iceland recently in March this year and the weather was not the greatest. We traversed a few blizzards and i took some images to see what I could recover from them and recently Adobe annoucned a dehaze tool and i wanted to know how well it could recover image data from a blizzard, which would be a more extreme version of haze. I tried Adobe's new Dehaze plugin on some photos during a blizzard and here are the results. I'm very impressed! I have provided the raw files at the bottom of each example in a link.

Example 1: Unedited file: The file used here is unedited, no raw filters applied, it is just a straight RAW to JPEG conversion.

As you can see in the image above, all we see is a nasty blizzard, and the vague shape of a mountain in the background. The colors on the house are not clear either.

Here is the dehazed image at +90 without any other edits or raw filters applied

Notice how the color from the house and details of snow and rock from the mountain emerge after dehazing. The raw file for this example 1 is downloadable here if you want to try it.


Example 2: A much more extreme verison of a blizzard in the same area.

Notice how this image shows almost nothing but a vague shape covered by a blizzard. This is an unedited photo (no raw filters/adjutments applied)

And then i applied the dehaze filter to +90 (no other raw adjustments) and the details recovered are just spectacular!

The raw file for this example 2 is downloadable here if you want to try it.




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