Iceland Photography Trip - 2016

*Photo of Stokksnes shot by myself on the Iceland Photography Trip 2015 in April.

Trip details:

This trip is scheduled for Friday April 29th to Sunday May 8th and will focus on photographing the landscapes along the west and south coasts. Weather permiting, we will add the Westfjords’ Dynjandi waterfall and the East’sHengifoss waterfall.

Price: TBA

*Price excludes airfare, lodging, meals and car rental etc. You can select what suits you best. We have given recommendations below.

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Who is this trip for?

This trip is planned for photographers. We are two skilled photographers who have travelled Iceland extensively and we are offering this trip to those who are interested in photographing the landscapes of Iceland including waterfalls, roadscapes, fjords, Jokulsarlon Glacier lagoon, Stokkksnes and if weather permitting, the auroras (northern lights). We want to take you to places that are not normally covered by tours and we invite you to join us on our trip. What we offer is flexibility in location and timing plus you will not have to travel back and forth daily from Rekyavik.

What is included in the price?

The price is our fee for guiding you to the best locations for photographing the beauty of Iceland. We include on location professional photography mentoring and we teach you how to photograph the landscapes, use ND filters for waterfalls and long exposures, how to do long exposure for star photography, and how to correctly photograph the northern lights. We also teach you the basics of photography such as image compositions, rule of thirds, ISO sensitivities for day and night shots. On each of the days, we will always go out to hunt for northern lights.

When is this trip?

We leave Toronto on the evening of Friday 29th April and arrive in Iceland (KEF) at 06:20am. Once we meet up and collect our luggage, we rent a car and set out:


Day 1 : Saturday April 30 08:00am
  • Leave the airport and head straight to Bruarfoss a beautiful waterfall with an intense blue streak in the middle.
  • After spending a few hours at Bruarfoss, we head over to Gullfoss, Europe's largest waterfall, also known as Gullfoss.
  • After photogrpahing Gullfoss, we head over to Thingvellir for some interesting landscape shots.
  • Then we head to Hraunfossar also known as lava falls. Hraunfossar is a beautiful waterfall where the glacial water runs through an underground network of lava tubes and caverns and comes out through the rocks.
  • The day ends at Hraunfossar Hotel A where we spend the night and go out to photograph the northern lights/auroras.
    *You will need to book a night at this hotel

Day 2 : Sunday May 1 morning
  • On our way we visit Hraunfossar again, to capture the morning lighting.
  • Now to the Snæfellsnes peninsula and the famous Budir Church.
  • Along the coast including Hellner Djupalon Beach and some other award winning special locations.
  • On our way we will make a stop by Grundarfjordur.
  • In the afternoon we will focus on the famous Kirkjufell mountain. We will spend time there catching evening lights on this beautiful mountain.
  • We sleep at Grundarfjordur Hotel Framnes for the night and will go out at night to capture the northern lights over the famous mountain.
    *You will need to book a night at this hotel.

Day 3 : Monday May 2 morning
  • Early start from Grundarfjordur to Dynjandi Falls, a spectacular waterfall on the way to the north west (Westfjords) and stop along the way for photographing the landscape. (*depends on weather)
  • When we are done at Dynjandi Falls we head back to Grundarfjordur and the peninsula for the northern .
    *You need to book an additional night at Grundarfjordur Hotel Framnes.

Day 4 : Tuesday May 3 morning
  • If we did not get good weather on day 1 we will make a stop at Bruarfoss. And Gullfoss again for different lighting conditions.
  • From Gullfoss we then head to Seljalandfoss a beautiful waterfall where you can walk behind the falls.
  • We spend some time at Seljalandfoss and then head over to another beautiful waterfall Skogafoss.
  • From Skogafoss we are off to Vik for lunch and spend some time photographing the sea stacks and the region around Vik.
  • We check into Hotel Edda Vik and then we set out for some evening shots and northern lights wth the scenery around Vik (if the weather is good enough).
    *You need to book a night at this hotel

Day 5 : Wednesday May 4 morning
  • We will visit the Vik black sand beach lighthouse.
  • Vik by Lomagnupur Mt we head to Svartifoss.
  • We will try to visit Svartifoss weather permitting.
  • We will make a stop by Nupsstadir.
  • Then from Svartifoss we go to Hof and spend some time in Hof.
  • From Hof we then go to the famous glacier lagoon Jokulsárlón Glacier Lagoon.
  • We spend some time photographing Jokulsárlón Glacier Lagoon and the icebergs and the black sand beach.
  • Then we go to another close-by and very beautiful glacier lagoon called Fjallsárlón Glacier Lagoon.
  • We check in and spend the night in Hotel - Hali Country Hotel.
    *You need to book a night at this hotel

Day 6 : Thursday May 5 morning
  • From hotel Hali we head straight off to Stokksnes, a very beautiful mountain range, featured at the top of this page with the sunset light.
  • If roads are clear and the weather is good, we will try to go up the coast.
  • From Stokksnes we go to Hengifoss and spend some time there.
  • We will then have dinner in Hofn.
  • If the skies are clear we will attempt to photograph the northern lights.
  • Then we head back to Hali.
  • *You need to book an additional night at Hotel - Hali Country Hotel

Day 7 : Friday May 6 morning
  • • Open day - Explore the area around the glacier lagoons, Stokksnes, Really a flexible day to capture different lighting, tides etcWe spend the night in Hotel - Hali Country Hotel.
  • We spend the night in Hotel - Hali Country Hotel
    *You need to book an additional night at Hotel - Hali Country Hotel

Day 8 : Saturday May 7 morning
  • This is a reverse day so we will focus on locations that we want to go back to and ones we saw in the rear view mirror on our way East.
  • From Hotel Hali, we go to Jokulsárlón Glacier Lagoon and spend some time at the lagoon and black sand beach.
  • From Jokulsárlón Glacier Lagoon we go to Hof and spend some time in Hof.
  • From Hof we go to Nupsstadir, soend some time and then we continue to Vik.
  • After some time at Vik we head back to Skogafoss and Seljalandsfoss.
  • From Seljalandsfoss we head back to Rekyavik
  • Rekyavik - You can now choose any hotel to book in Reykjavik. Possible feast at end of day.

Day 9 : Sunday May 8 morning
  • Day open to visit the city of Reykjavik and have lunch, then we check out at the hotel and head to the airport. We leave Reykjavik at 17:00pm in the evening back to Toronto. Your return flight may differ in time.

What do i need to do to register for this trip?

To register for this trip or if you have any questions, you may contact me here.

What do i need for this trip in terms of equipment etc?

The toughest obstacle in Iceland is the weather. Good winter gear is mandatory! While the temperature at this time of the month may not be very cold, the strong winds pose a hazards. We recommend dressing up in layers and ahve a good wind breaker.


  • Photogrpahy gear - we do not provide photography equipment as we carry limited amount of gear.
    *Note: If you dont have a dslr thats fine if yo want to use your phone or smaller camera but these might not be suitable for long exposures in night conditions for northern light/aurora photography.
  • Warm winter gear
  • Personal items (toothbrush etc)
  • Reliable headlamps or fliashlights. If you can get one that has a red light it would beneficial as to not interrupt others at night when shooting the northern lights.
  • Money. Please have some emergency cash on you in case you need it.
  • Emergency contact number and email.
  • Towel to protect yourself against rain. (it can rain, the weather is unpredictable).
  • Boots suitable to walk in moderate mud, and moderate amount of snow.

Do i need fancy photography gear? Can i use my phone?
Not really but to make the best use of our on location tutorials, it is recommended to have a DSLR. I shoot on film myself, so if you haev a film camera, you're good to go. you can use your phone but it wont be possible to adjust the settings on a phone and you wont be able to shoot the northern lights but you can use it during the day.


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